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What do I need to know as a new or returning customer?
What do I need to know as a new or returning customer?

A helpful list of key terms, FAQs, ans how-tos for new or returning customers, Hungry Harvest 101

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Welcome to the Hungry Harvest family! We're so excited you've joined our mission to fight food waste and end hunger.

To guide you through your new account, we've compiled some key terms, questions, and how-to guides that we know new customers find helpful. Give this article a peek and then please explore the rest of our help center!

Key Terms

  • Customization - Customizing your harvest just means editing the contents. When your customization window is open, you will be able to see the harvest we've planned and make changes to what you'll receive.

  • Customization Window - The period of time you have to edit your order. We'll send you an email with the subject line "Reminder! Customize your harvest," so be on the lookout for that in your inbox. That will let you know that you can login and make changes to your order for the week!

  • Never List - These are the 6 items we'll never send you if you decide stick with the box contents we designed (aka not customize). If you don't customize your harvest, we will swap any items that are on your Never List for a surprise you'll hopefully love!

  • Order Cut Off - This is the last possible moment you can customize, skip deliveries, update your address, change your billing info, etc. Basically, your deadline to make any changes that would affect your order for that week!

  • Add Ons - These are extra items you can add to your order, including non-produce items from the Marketplace like yogurt, eggs, bread, snacks, etc. These are only additions to your harvest and are not part of customizing your harvest.

  • Delivery Window - We can't provide a specific delivery time, so instead we provide a window in which your harvest will arrive. Life happens and we can't predict traffic or unforeseen issues with your driver... so if you won't be home, you can provide delivery instructions for your driver so we make sure your box arrives in the safest possible spot.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I see items on my Never List in my harvest? The contents that make up your harvest every week are the same for everyone. We only swap items on your Never List when we actually assemble your box. Our packing team removes the item on your Never List and replaces it with a surprise. Don't like surprises? Please customize instead so you can choose exactly what you'll receive. It may seem like a pain at first, but totally worth it to ensure you get exactly what you want!

  • Can I skip deliveries? You betcha! Just go to Skip Deliveries in your account and enter the dates you'd like to skip. There's no fee and you can skip as many times as you want!

  • Why don't I see anything in my upcoming delivery when I click "Customize Harvest?" Your customization window is probably not open quite yet. We're still recovering produce and performing quality checks. You can check your customization window here!

  • When do you bill me? We charge your card the moment we pass your order cut off. For example, if your order cut off is Tuesday at 10:00AM, we will charge you Tuesday at 10:01AM.

  • If I remove items in my harvest when customizing, why does my price not go down? Every harvest has a minimum charge, so if you remove an item, please add something in its place. If you need less, you can always opt for our smallest size - the mini!

  • Is there a delivery fee? Our standard fee is $4.99 but we waive this for orders over $39.99!

Useful Help Articles

I hope you found this crash course in all things Hungry Harvest helpful! If you have any questions, take a look around our help center or send us a chat. You can also email us at :)

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