Customization 101

Every week, we'll send you a reminder when your customization window opens up. Your customization window depends on your delivery day and location. 

Confused why you see items from your Never List in your harvest? Never List substitutions happen when we pack your box. This means you'll still see items on your Never List in your harvest online.

So why customize? If you customize, you choose what we replace that Never List item with from the list of available items. Simply "0" the quantity next to the item you don't want and add something you do. 

If you don't customize, we'll swap out that Never List item when we pack your box. What you receive in its place will be a complete surprise!

Want to make your own changes? Here's how to customize:

  1. Click on Upcoming Deliveries on your account.

  2. Click Customize Box beneath your harvest for the week.

  3. You'll see a list of all the items available for your harvest, as well as their default quantities on the right!

  4. Increase the quantity of items you want.

  5. Decrease the quantity of items you don't want -- always add something in its place to ensure that you reach your minimum box value.

  6. All done? Double check your Cost Calculator to ensure you are satisfied with the cost. 

  7. Click Save Harvest!

Pro Tip! When you remove something, add something to replace it. We have a minimum charge for your box and you'll need to meet the box minimum each week.

Customization FAQ

Can I remove items to reduce the cost?
Every box has a minimum, so you'll always be charged at least that price. That's why if you remove an item, you'll need to add something to replace it. We want you to get the full value of your Harvest, which is why you have to have enough to meet the minimum value in your harvest box each week!

What happens to my never list?
If you decide to customize, it will override your "never list." If you customize, what you change on the Customize Harvest screen is exactly what will arrive. If you don't customize, we'll honor your never list like usual :) This just means that if you choose to customize, you'll need to manually remove and replace any never list items.

Does customization cost extra?
Customization is free to use!

You’ll only be charged more if you’ve added have a greater value than the contents of your normal delivery. Don’t worry, this is tallied as you customize your bag, so you can review any additional costs before you submit your customization.

When can I start customizing?
Your customization window depends on your delivery day. We'll email you a reminder! You have up until your order cutoff time to customize your harvest.

Are all my changes final?
Start customizing and decide you want to go back to the standard harvest? Not a problem. We list the default quantities there for your reference. Just reset your quantities to the default before the order cutoff, or make any other changes you want!

Do I have to customize?
Customizing is totally optional. If you choose not to make any changes, you will receive the default box of harvest goodies that we've curated for the week!

We're excited to give you more control over your harvest! Plus, this will help you only get stuff that you know you'll use as we continue our fight against food waste.

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