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Why do I see items in my harvest that are on my Never List?

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Your upcoming delivery will include the basic harvest template we’ve planned for the week. If you have an item on your never list that is slated for an upcoming delivery, you will still see it in your list online and in the email. However, our awesome operations team will replace that item with a surprise replacement when they pack your box for the week!

To clarify - here’s how the Never List works:

  1. You select up to 6 items to never receive on an uncustomized order

  2. These items will appear in your harvest list because this is the basic harvest template that we send to ALL customers.

  3. When you don’t customize, these items show up on your box label while we’re packing your box under a note that says REMOVE.

  4. We remove the Never List item, and replace it with a fun surprise item for you free of charge!

If you customized your harvest though, you’ll see exactly what we plan to deliver to you. The customization feature overrides your Never List. The biggest benefit of customizing is to decide everything we send to you, rather than relying on a surprise replacement for that Never List item. We wouldn't presume you don't want something, if you took the time to customize and kept it in your box. Read more about customization and how it works here

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