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Box Taping and Redesign!
Box Taping and Redesign!

Taped boxes, new design - all you need to know about the changes to the box you know and love!

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Starting in April 2022 you’ll notice our boxes look a little different! We’re ditching the folded bottom and top for a box that can be taped closed (with recyclable paper tape!) so that your harvest experience gets even better.

Why are you making this change?

This change was made with the quality of your delivered harvest product in mind so that we can get your harvest to you in the best condition possible! Below are just a few of the benefits to taping boxes:

✅Harvest stays cooler for fresher, crisper produce being taped, so that items that you purchase stay cool for as long as possible.

✅No handles and closed sides keeps pests out while your Harvest waits for you - especially if you can’t get home right away to pick it up, or if your box is left at an outdoor location.

✅Sturdy tape ensures fewer boxes are damaged or bottom out in-transit. With all of those goodies inside, boxes can become weakened and bottom out easily when they’re simply folded. Taping them ensures that we keep all of that produce right where it’s supposed to be until it gets to your kitchen counter.

Will the box look different?

The box redesign will have the updated Hungry Harvest orange logo you know and love, but instead of a folded-bottom and top, the box will be taped. There will be no punched handles in the sides. To transport without handles, we recommend lifting from the bottom or transferring to reusable bags to make it easier to lift.

Is the tape plastic?

No! We wanted to make sure that the choice to tape your box didn’t result in additional plastic waste, so we’ve made sure that the boxes are taped with paper tape, which can be recycled alongside your box each week 📦. The ink is also water-based!

Will we ever take back the boxes?

While we’d love to take back the boxes, food safety guidelines prevent us from reusing those. You can visit our recycling page for more information. The good news is, they’re 100% recyclable, and the tape is too!

If you have other questions about this change, please let us know! You can always reach us via chat on our website, or by email at

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