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How do I contact you about an issue with my delivery?
How do I contact you about an issue with my delivery?

What to do if your harvest doesn't arrive as expected, there's an error or quality issue, and where to send feedback.

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If you have questions or feedback about your delivery, our customer experience team is more than happy to help! We want your Hungry Harvest experience to be nothing but delightful.

Your feedback will help us improve. This article will let you know where to submit feedback, concerns, and any other questions you have about your service!

Our Support Hours

We have three methods of contact to ensure that we can address your questions and feedback. We'll do our best to follow up as soon as we're able! If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you first thing in the morning โ˜•.

Support Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm
โ€‹Saturday and Sunday: 8 am - 4 pm

Which Method is Right for Me?

  1. Live Chat!

    1. Priority: Urgent! I need a response ASAP. Best for missing harvests or items, delivery issues, or billing concerns.

    2. How it works: Click the chat bubble on our website, and one of our representatives will respond during business hours to address questions and concerns.

    1. Priority: I can wait a few hours for a response. Best for reporting quality issues, missing items, or general service questions and feedback.

    2. How it works: E-mail any questions, concerns, or feedback to We'll respond as soon as we're able!

  2. Our Report an Issue form!

    1. Priority: I am ok with a response within 24 hours. Best for quality issues, concerns about your delivery, or other issues if you don't have time to chat (or simply want to remain anonymous)!

    2. How it works: Click here to find the form (or use the button below!), fill out a description of the issue you're seeing, and hit submit! A representative will reach out if you've left an e-mail address to follow up for more details or with a resolution.

What about phone calls?

We currently only offer email or live chat, but our team typically responds in under 5 minutes during working hours. We're a small team, and we just don't have the ability to offer phone support right now.

Can I get a credit or refund for issues?

If you're unable to enjoy items from your harvest for any reason, we'll offer you a credit. If you experience an issue or mistake (i.e.: missing, mold, damage, incorrect, rotten) please do let us know so we can improve and credit you back. We don't feel comfortable charging you for items you can't enjoy - we pinky promise!

And remember, don't hesitate to reach out! If there is an issue with your order - we truly want to hear about it. We don't consider it a complaint - we see it as a learning opportunity ๐Ÿ˜‰.

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