In addition to your harvest contents, we provide an Add On Marketplace where you can shop for items to supplement your harvest. We recover these items in limited quantities, which is why we can't always include them in everyone's box. Instead of letting them go to waste, we put them on the Marketplace, and then you can use them to boost your harvest. 

Our Marketplace also gives you access to non-produce add ons to your harvest. The items change every week depending on what needs a home, but you can often find yogurt, cheese, grains, nuts, snacks - you name it!

We perform inventory and update our Add On Marketplace every Monday. That's why we recommend you wait until your customization window opens to shop!


Why can't I add certain items to a future harvest?

Most of our items can only be added to harvests with an open customization window. If you see an item can be added to a future harvest, it usually means we have a large inventory. If you see an item can only be added to this week's harvest, grab it while you can - supplies are limited! 

What are recurring add ons?

Some staples -  bread, eggs, etc. - can be added to your subscription. That means you can set them weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We can regularly recover these items from our suppliers, which is why we can make them available every week! 

🔎 Check the Marketplace under Recurring!

Where can I find more info about an add on?

If you click into an item, you'll see all the information we have on hand!  We often include descriptions, allergen information, dietary restrictions - anything we think you need to know. 

For our fruits & veggies, we'll let you know why we recovered it, which might give you a better idea of sizing, appearance, or cooking requirements.

If you have more questions about add ons, shoot us an email at or chat with us!

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