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How do I use a gift certificate?
How do I use a gift certificate?

Gift card, gift certificate

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Been given the gift of Hungry Harvest? That's great! You can apply that gift card code to your account via your Upcoming Deliveries page. 

Please note that you must have an account with a subscription to use a gift certificate. Your credit card will not be charged until you've used the balance on your gift card. We don't offer one-time deliveries. That being said, you can always cancel once you've used up the balance on your gift card. We hope you stay longer though!

Here's how to apply a discount:

  1. Log into your account here 

  2. Go to your Upcoming Deliveries

  3. Click on the future delivery you'd like to apply the code to 

  4. Scroll down to the bottom where you'll see a box that says "Coupon/Gift Certificate Code

  5. Enter in the code you were provided. This field is not case-sensitive.

  6. Apply!

Gift cards will not show up on a specific order because they are account credits; they deduct from your balance. They work that way so if you skip a delivery, you won't lose that gift! You can see that gift by clicking Delivery History in your account. Here's how that would appear:

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