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How do I resend a gift certificate or check its status?
How do I resend a gift certificate or check its status?

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If you purchased a gift certificate for a friend and they haven't received it, there is no need to worry! You can email or chat customer service on the site. The gift card is simply a code that your friend can apply on their account, so we can just provide the code when requested. We can also resend the email or even deactivate it should your friend not need it! 

If you received a gift certificate and want to see if you successfully applied it to your account, you can check that by clicking Delivery History in your account. Here's how that would appear:

Your orders will simply deduct from that gift card balance until there is no money left on that gift. Anything else you order will be charged to the card you provided when you created your account!

However, if you don't see your gift certificate in your order history, you can contact customer experience to help you with that code :)

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