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Where does the produce come from? Is it local?
Where does the produce come from? Is it local?

Produce, where it comes from, is it local, farmers, wholesalers

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Where is the produce from?

We rescue our produce directly from farmers and wholesalers! 

Do you source locally?

We place a higher priority on rescuing produce from going to waste than where or how it's grown. We'll rescue any produce that is fresh, tasty, and in need of a home. 

During the growing season, we mostly source from local producers. When it's chilly outside or we can't source locally, we work with suppliers in warmer areas. For example, our hometown of Baltimore sits just 20 miles north of Jessup, Maryland. Jessup is the produce hub of the Mid-Atlantic. From Whole Foods to juice companies, thousands of organizations are ordering into the hub. The big problem comes from the fact that often, they mis-order, reject whole pallets of food due to cosmetic imperfections, or the truck was late... so they buy from someone else and then 600 cases of avocados from Mexico are headed toward the landfill with no one to buy. This is where we come in!

What is rescued produce, anyway?

We're so glad you asked! Rescued produce is fruits and veggies that are perfectly fresh to eat, but would otherwise go to waste. Here are the top reasons we rescue produce:

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