How do I sign up or create an account?

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We love that you want to fight food waste with us! Below are the steps to walk you through how to create an account, so you can start receiving harvests.

How to Create an Account

  1. Check if we deliver to you by entering your address here: Where We Deliver

  2. Select Shop Our Harvests.

  3. Locate the harvest you wish to receive.

  4. Choose the Quantity and then Frequency: weekly or every other week.

  5. Add the harvest you'd like to receive by clicking Add to delivery. The items in the harvest change weekly based on what is available. 

  6. Choose the start date of your first delivery.

  7. Checkout.

  8. If you're starting a new account, complete Register to Get Started. You can always add more items or change your harvest later. 

  9. Enter your address.

  10. Enter your personal & contact information. You'll be asked to create a Password. 

  11. Enter in any specific Delivery Instructions. We want every delivery to be perfect, but especially your first!

  12. Fill out your Never List and Love It List. This is the list of items you never want to receive (Never List) and the list of items you would always love to have (Love It List). It can be changed later :)

  13. Enter your billing address and payment information. Your card won't be charged until your order cut-off before a delivery, so you won't be billed when completing sign-up.

  14. Click Finish Registration.

  15. Congrats! You should see a confirmation page with some more information about when you'll be charged, receive your delivery, etc. 

In order to send out an order, a harvest box has to be added to your delivery order to create an account, which can be weekly or bi-weekly in frequency. 


Do you offer one-time deliveries or trials?
Our harvests must be set up as weekly or every other week, but you can cancel whenever you'd like. Give a delivery a try and if it isn't for you, you can just cancel your account by clicking the gray X next to all the items on your Recurring Items page. We hope you stay longer though!

When will I see what is in my harvest?

When registering, you are simply selecting the type of harvest you'd like to receive. The fruits & veggies inside that harvest change weekly depending on what we recover from going to waste. We'll send an email with the subject line, Reminder! Customize Your Harvest when your box contents are available. You can then make changes or add more items :). 

Can I cancel or skip deliveries?
Absolutely! You can cancel or skip deliveries before your order cut-off each week. If you sign up and find you need some time before you start deliveries, just use the Skip Deliveries feature in your account. Please use this help article for that.

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