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No Contact Deliveries

We’d like to prevent human contact wherever possible, which is why we introduced our “no contact” delivery method.

We understand your delivery instructions might include special instructions. Our drivers will attempt to follow them as closely as possible while avoiding person-to-person contact

If you live in an apartment building, this means we may not be able to deliver directly to your door; many buildings require us to leave it within the mail room or with the concierge in compliance with new building policies.

We appreciate your understanding and your patience as we work to keep the whole Hungry Harvest family healthy.

You can check your delivery window by clicking the button below. 

We try to keep our windows as narrow as possible, but we can't provide a guaranteed delivery time. In order to reduce emissions, our team configures the optimal route for your area after the order cut-off each week. The route can change depending on which of your neighbors skip deliveries, change their schedule, cancel, or sign up. This means when you receive your delivery can change. We always aim for that window though!

If we experience a delay, our logistics team will reach out via text with an updated timeframe for your delivery. 

In special cases, we may deliver early in the morning or late at night to avoid planned traffic, road closures, or work around the weather. If that's the case, look out for communication from our team!

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