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Can you take back the boxes to reuse?
Can you take back the boxes to reuse?

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We would love to reuse our boxes but we sadly cannot due to food safety regulations. Your healthy and safety is our top priority, and as a produce company, we are regularly inspected and tested to ensure we pass all government regulated guidelines. Our cardboard harvest boxes are 100% recyclable though, and even the ink we reuse is 100% non-toxic! 

For more information on our recycling and reusing our packaging, please head to:

We really wish we could reuse the boxes, but sadly we have no control over what happens to the boxes once they arrive to customer homes. Furr instance, we received these adorable photos from some harvest heroes (note the furry friends 😜). We get these photos every week!:

You can also give your Hungry Harvest box a second life! Through a partnership with Give Back Box, you can now use your Hungry Harvest boxes to donate unwanted household items to local charity organizations and the shipping’s totally free! Learn more at

Thank you for your continued support and for keeping us accountable. Our team is constantly searching for alternatives that would allows us to comply with regulations.

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