Your produce quality is our top priority; the last thing we want is for more fruits & veggies to go to waste. We've been exploring options to make our ice packs more environmentally sustainable as we know this has also been a concern for many of our Harvesters! We want to eliminate waste in all aspects of our business, so thank you for holding us accountable!

Recyclable packaging and sustainability is top of mind. We’re always testing and working towards more sustainable and effective solutions, which is why we're introducing Enviro Ice packs to cool your harvest! Enviro Ice underwent rigorous lab testing and development to become the most eco-friendly drainable ice packs. It has no impact on sinks, PVC pipes, septic tanks, or municipal treatment centers even when in elevated temperatures for weeks. Being 100% drainable eliminates the hassle of disposal and reduces land-fill waste. We hope this is the first step towards a more sustainable future!

What is in the Enviro Ice packs?

Most ice packs are made of a sodium-based solution, which is gummy and bad for your drain. Enviro Ice is composed of a Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium solution, which is less coagulating (read: better for your pipes) but is also plant-safe!

Can I opt-out of the ice packs completely?

We cannot allow you to opt out of ice packs currently, as they are necessary for keeping your items at an optimal temperature for the journey to your home.

That being said, you can still recycle these packs at a drop off center in your area, or re-freeze and re-use. To dispose, simply cut the corner and pour the gel down a household drain, flush in a toilet, or spread on plants (limited amounts, so they're not over-fed!). Rinse the plastic pouch and recycle it anywhere #4 low density polyethylene plastic is accepted. You can check where to recycle those bags here. Whole gel packs may be disposed of in your waste bin according to local and state laws.

Don’t forget those boxes too, which are 100% recyclable (and use non-toxic ink), and can go right in your home recycling bin for pick up!

If you have questions about the Enviro Ice packs or recycling any of the material in your Harvest, please reach out to us via chat, or via email at!

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