It's so thoughtful of you to inquire about donating! Our mission is to eliminate food waste and end hunger, and we appreciate any donations that support both of these important goals. 20% of people in the United States live in food insecurity without reliable access to enough affordable, nutritious food, and we want to change that.

One of the best way for you to support our mission is to donate to one of our hunger-saving partners! We provide fresh produce to these organizations who then distribute it on the local-level.

You can see a list of our partners here:

Our Produce in a SNAP program is not currently operating markets due to COVID-19. Any donations will be reallocated to our other food access efforts or to benefit our hunger-saving partners.

Since the pandemic hit in early March 2020, we pivoted our food access efforts to immediate relief so families would not go hungry during a time when millions went unemployed and lost access to school meals. Aside from our direct donations, we launched an initiative to provide called the Emergency Food Box program. This program allows companies, health organizations, and community programs to subsidize boxes for bulk distribution in areas we service.

You can still donate directly to our Produce in a SNAP (PIAS) program, which operates reduced-cost markets. This program aims to empower people who are looking for fair access to fresh food. Our PIAS markets, run in partnership with local public schools, community centers & health centers, feature a variety of fruits & veggies on a weekly basis that are roughly 50% less expensive than grocery store prices. We proudly accept SNAP/EBT benefits at these locations.

To donate to Produce in a SNAP, please reach out to Like Hungry Harvest, Produce in a SNAP is not a non-profit, so if you want to declare a donation for tax purposes, please consider helping our hunger-saving partners instead.

Thank you again for your support - we're so appreciative to have you in the Hungry Harvest family!

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