When temperatures rise, we place an ice pack in your harvest. This protects sensitive produce from the heat at every stop of its journey: from assembly, to loading delivery vehicles, to your route, and finally, to you! Your produce quality is our top priority; the last thing we want is for your more fruits & veggies to go to waste.

Unfortunately, we cannot reuse them or take them back due to food safety regulations. Because we cannot control where your ice pack has been or what it comes in contact with, it would be against these regulations to use them again. We're not giving up though! We're looking into curbside recyclable or biodegradable options and will keep you posted. 

That being said, you can recycle these packs at a drop off center in your area. You can typically find these at stores, but enter your zip code here to find the one nearest you. 

We want to eliminate waste in all aspects of our business, so thank you for holding us accountable! Recyclable packaging and sustainability is top of mind. We’re always testing and finding the most sustainable and effective solutions.

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