We know allergies can be very serious, and we completely understand any concerns. We try to be as transparent as possible, especially when it comes to anything that could compromise your health. 

Our Food Safety Manager monitors the major allergens within our packing facility. However, less common allergies to fruits & veggies cannot always be controlled due to the number and variety of items we handle. 

If your concerned about cross-contamination, we recommend customizing your box rather than relying on the Never List.  Why not the Never List? When you just use the Never List, everything goes through our Never List station on our assembly line. Fruits & veggies can potentially co-mingle at this station, even if the item you seek to avoid does not end up in your box. 

When you customize, your box moves down our assembly line, and only the items you choose end up in your box. Your harvest bypasses the Never List station entirely, better ensuring your items never come in contact with ones that cause potential allergies.

If you have any more questions about customization, please let us know! You can chat us on the site or email family@hungryharvest.net. 

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