Our team recovers produce to fill your harvest every week. This is a big endeavor as we confirm what's coming with farmers & suppliers, coordinate shipping it to our warehouse, receive it, perform quality inspections, and then input the contents into our database for you to see. We try to complete this process as quickly as possible because we know you want to see what's coming :). That's why we try our hardest to commit to this timeline:


If your delivery day falls Wednesday through Friday, you'll typically be able to see the harvest contents for the week loaded by 4:00 PM EST each Monday. 

If you get deliveries Saturday or Sunday, you'll see your harvest contents loaded around 3:00 PM each Wednesday. 

NC and MI Areas

You should be able to see your harvest contents by 4:00 PM Tuesdays for the upcoming week. 

FL Area

You should be able to see your harvest contents by 5:00 PM Monday for the upcoming week. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How will I know my contents have loaded?
A: We send an email once those contents are loaded and ready to go. Keep an eye on your inbox for a message with the subject line, "Reminder! Customize Your Harvest." Sometimes, these emails go to spam and promotions folders, so we recommend marking our emails as important. 

Q: Is it possible to see my contents even sooner?
A: Unfortunately, this is the soonest we can confirm our contents. We have to give our farmers & suppliers time to get that produce to our warehouse. Our goal is to always perform quality inspections before we promise a certain item, and a part of that is ensuring the item arrives before we confirm contents. 

Q: Is the list in my account the final list?
A: We try our hardest to provide the exact list given, but due to the nature of how recovery works, we sometimes have to make last minute swaps based on availability. You should always receive an email if this happens! 

We hope this clarifies your customization window! If you have any questions, please chat us or email family@hungryharvest.net. 

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