Want to let us know what fruits and veggies are your favorite? The Love It List is a great way of telling our team what you'd love to see more of in your harvest! 

You can add up to 6 items on your Love It List. Here's how to update your list:

  1. Click here and login with your email address and your password.

  2. Select Preferences under My Account. This might be at the top of your screen on a mobile device.

  3. Click into the Love It List field and start typing the item you want to add.

  4. When you’re done adding items to your order, click Save Preferences!

The Love It List isn't something that directly affects what is in your box. Our team uses this list to figure out what items we should prioritize when recovering items for all our boxes. Occasionally though, we will notify you if our Add On Marketplace has one of the items you love!

We can't always rescue items from your Love It List. We're limited by what is available! However, adding your favorite items to this list helps us save these fruits & veggies whenever we can. 

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