We know it can be useful to have some guidance when you get your harvest. That's why we provide a few different ways for you to access recipes, tips, and suggestions for how to best use up your goodies. 

We don't provide printed recipes in your box, since we try to avoid extra packaging and paper waste.

4 places to find recipe ideas:

  1. Harvest Ideas for This Week's Box - We curate a list of recipes for each item in your box this week. Many of the recipes we choose combine a few of the fruits & veggies together, so you can cook more of your box all at once. Meal prep made easy!
  2. This Week's Harvest - Every item in your harvest has a description that contains details about why this produce was recovered, as well as storage or recipe ideas. We send these to you before every delivery in an email with the subject line "This Week's Harvest." These descriptions are also available in your account during your customization window. Simply click "Customize my bag" to learn more about your fruits and veggies!
  3. Recipes Library  - Our team curates a list of recipes, sorted by item. Just search our recipes or click on the fruit or veggie you want help cooking. 
  4. Recipe Club - The Hungry Harvest Recipe Club is made up of awesome HH family members, just like you. It is a wonderful forum to post your gorgeous dishes, ask for advice, or give pointers to more novice cooks. Membership is open to anyone who wants to jazz up their meals!  Request to join the recipe club here.

    We can't wait to hear about all the delicious recipes you make with your fruits & veggies! There's nothing we love more than seeing produce that otherwise would have gone to waste, being used by our awesome HH family. 

Need more help with your produce? Here are a couple more resources we provide: 

Storage Guide = We know you care about food waste, and since most waste happens in the kitchen, we've created this helpful guide to storing your produce. We hope it helps you hit your zero waste goals!

Give Me The Beet - Did you know we have a blog? The Beet is where we post fun articles that show case everything from recipes, tips, farms we love, and other big HH news. Find the Beet here!

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