How do I prevent produce from freezing?
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When we aren’t dreaming about balmy summer days and ditching the sweaters, we are working on ways to ensure your produce doesn’t get too chilly before you bring it inside. In that vein, we are happy to announce that if you leave a cooler outside your home, your driver can leave your harvest inside of it!

Read on for some more information about how this works..

How can I protect my box from freezing?

We recommend leaving a cooler out whenever you are expecting a delivery. That way, our drivers can place your box inside to keep the snowy and icy conditions from affecting the quality of your produce. 

However, while coolers are a handy way of protecting your produce for a short period of time, we always recommend you bring your box in as soon possible

Can I ditch the box entirely and have you put my items in the cooler?

Due to food safety regulations, we cannot have drivers handling your produce and placing it in your cooler.  They must always deliver your entire box to you. Your health and well-being are our top priority!

How can I ensure my driver uses the cooler?

Our drivers know to look for a cooler when delivering to your home. We suggest you make it as obvious as possible though, just in case! Please add a note to your delivery instructions and place your cooler wherever your harvest normally gets delivered. 

What size cooler do I need to have?

Since your cooler must fit the entire box, we recommend double checking that your bag or cooler can fit anything with internal dimensions of 19” (Length) x 13” (Depth/Width) x 11” (Height). If you get two harvests, you'll need to ensure both boxes fit inside the cooler or provide two coolers. Double the fun!

Here's a cooler we know fits one harvest box: Coleman Cooler - 52 qt

Your harvest’s quality matters, and we are doing everything we can to get your items to you in delicious condition. If you have any questions though, give us a shout (not literally, please). We are always happy to help :)

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