If you see Never List items in your harvest - don't panic! This is just the general harvest list we provide to everyone when we set up the box for the week. Your individual Never Lists are taken into consideration when we assemble your box. Any Never List items will then be replaced with a surprise when we make your box.

If you didn't realize this and already customized your order, you can reset back to the default harvest. We'll then honor your Never List.

How to Reset Customized Orders

You can reset your delivery any time before your order cut off. To revert your order back to the default harvest, just reset all the quantities back to the default.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log on

  2. Click on your upcoming delivery.

  3. Click customize.

  4. You'll see Your Qty on the left-hand side. Set this number so it matches the Default Qty (listed on the right-hand side) for every product. 

  5. Click Submit.

We'll replace any never list items with a surprise during assembly. 

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