Great question! If you receive a credit or a coupon from Hungry Harvest for a past delivery issue, here's how to find it on your account:

  1. Log in 
  2. Click Order History on the lefthand menu
  3. There are three types of lines on the order history page
    - Order charge: the amount of your harvest
    - Order payment: the amount you were billed
    - Credit: the amount of credit you received

    When you locate your credit, you'll be able to see (from left to right):
    - Date: the date we applied it to your account
    - Amount: the amount of the credit
    - Balance: how it affects your balance
    - Notes: the reason the credit was applied

    Here's an example from a customer who received a $6.63 credit on 4/19/18:

As a reminder, we run billing the Tuesday after deliveries are made. If you receive your harvest and a credit on a Saturday, your credit card will not be billed until the following Tuesday.

For friend referrals: 

  • If you are a new customer using a friend's referral code, your referral discount will show up as a coupon tied to your first order (not in the order history section).
  • If you are a current customer who refers a friend to sign up, you will see the referral credit in your order history section. You will also receive an email confirmation when your friend signs up, and when they receive their first delivery.

For gift cards:

-Any gift cards you receive and enter will also show up in your Order History on your account. You'll see these similar to credits applied to your account, where the date it was applied, the amount, and the gift card number will be written out. 

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