How thoughtful! We do have the option to send your friends and family gift certificates. This way, they can sign up and customize preferences themselves! Use the button below to get started.

Purchasing as a customer?

If you are logged in while buying a gift certificate, your purchase will be completed using the card on file for your account. You will be charged for that gift certificate the following Tuesday. You can elect to have your purchase run earlier though by contacting customer service via email or the chat feature on the site. We are happy to run that charge for you!

Purchasing and not a customer?

That's okay too! You'll simply need to enter payment information when prompted. You card will be run immediately for the price of that gift certificate!

No matter if you are a customer or not, here's where to purchase that gift certificate:

Once you purchase a gift certificate, your recipient will receive an email containing your message and the gift certificate code with simple instructions on how to use it. All they need is the code and they can apply the gift to their account!

If you don't want to send them a gift certificate, but you still want to send them a harvest, you can simply create a new account with their delivery and contact information, and your billing information.

As a reminder, we only offer weekly or every other week deliveries, so if you'd like to gift a certain $ amount, a gift certificate is your best option.

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