You do not need to be home to accept your delivery; we don't require a signature! Please update your delivery instructions in your account area.

How to update your delivery instructions

  1. Log in

  2. Click Address & Personal Info

  3. Update your delivery instructions

If you live in a house

Include where you would like us to leave the harvest if you aren't home, and any necessary instructions or features of your home. A lot of customers will leave the color of their door, a description of the flower pot or welcome mat.

If you live in an apartment building

Include how to get into the building (code or number to call), what to do in the event we cannot get into the building (if no one is answering the call box or the code does not work), and instructions on where to leave your harvest (with the concierge, at your apartment door, within the mailroom, so on and so forth)

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