We want our pricing to be nothing but transparent!

There is a flat $1.50 customization fee any time you customize a Mini Harvest, Mini Organic, Mini Fruit, or Mini Veggie. This cover the extra costs of packing a customized box. When quantities or produce change, it requires additional assembly.

The $1.50 fee is waived on all Full and Super Harvests. Their larger size already requires additional assembly, so we removed that fee in 2020.

Beyond the $1.50 fee, you’ll only be charged extra if your items go over your minimum harvest cost. 

For example, if your harvest costs $20 and you add 4 extra items without removing any, you will see an extra produce cost. Your total cost will show automatically in the Cost Calculator so you can plan accordingly :)

Only Want to Remove Items?

Each box has a minimum cost. If you remove items from your harvest, you will still be charged the minimum cost for that box. That's why we recommend if you remove an item, to add something to replace it. We want you to get the full value of your box every time you customize!

If you want items removed and you don't remind them being replaced with a surprise, we recommend our Never List feature at no additional cost. Here's how to update your never list: Log on > click Account Preferences.

How to Reset Customized Orders

You can change your customized order back to the normal delivery and remove the customization fee any time before the order cut off for your delivery day.  To revert your order back to the normal scheduled harvest, just set all the quantities back to the default. Once the quantities are back to the default quantity, the customization fee will get removed from the order!

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