Need to take a break? If you know how long and for what time period, please use the instructions below. If you don't have a time period or just want to cancel, please use this help article. 

How to Skip a Delivery

  1. Click here to login
  2. On the lefthand menu, click Skip Deliveries
  3. Enter in your vacation dates by clicking in the "When would you like your hold to start?" field and entering the start date, and then do the same for the end date field. We recommend choosing the day after your normal delivery date to fully skip a delivery. 
  4. Click Save Away/Vacation Dates
  5. If you attempt to skip a delivery after the cutoff, our system will let you know the delivery can't be cancelled. 
  6. You'll receive an automatic email confirmation with your delivery hold dates.

If you want to remove a delivery hold, simply return back to the Skip Deliveries page and click "I'm Back Early." This will automatically reset your delivery schedule.


Will I be charged for deliveries I skip?
Absolutely not! We run billing the Tuesday after deliveries are made. This means you'll never be charged for a delivery you skip.

Can I skip a delivery after the cutoff time?
You must skip your delivery before your order cutoff time. We cannot allow holds after the cutoff time.

How long can I place a hold for?
As long as you need - there is no limit. When your hold ends, your subscription will automatically reactivate. You can see your schedule by clicking Upcoming Deliveries, or you can wait until you receive your customization reminder email!

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