You can see a general list of towns and cities we deliver to by viewing the Where We Deliver page on our website. If you'd like to see if we come to your zip code, follow these instructions:

  1. Click here

  2. Enter your address

  3. Then see if we deliver to you (we hope so!)

While we wish we were in every city, we're still a small team that's slow but surely expanding. If you’re outside our delivery zone, we’ll direct you to our waitlist. From there, you can sign up for our waitlist and we’ll let ya know when we come to your area. This also helps us determine where we are needed the most! 

If you're inside our delivery zone, you'll see the harvests available in your area and how much they cost. If you'd like to give us a try, you can then register for an account and complete the sign-up process. Your street address will determine your delivery day. We hope to see you soon 😊.

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