When we aren’t dreaming about a winter wonderland, we are working on ways to ensure your produce doesn’t get too chilly before you bring it inside. In that vein, we are happy to announce the latest cold-weather solution for our Michigan customers: our Insulated Bag Program.

Read on for some more information about this program..

How can I protect my box from freezing?

We’ve added a new product to the Add Ons available on our marketplace: insulated bags! For just $12.99, you can purchase an insulated bag that we will deliver to your door. You can then leave this bag outside your home whenever you are expecting a delivery. Our driver will put your box in this bag when dropping off your harvest. 

We’ve tested this bag to ensure it will withstand the elements for a short period of time. However, we always recommend you bring your bag in as soon possible

How does this work?

  1. You purchase a bag from our available Add Ons
  2. We deliver your next box inside that bag
  3. You keep that bag
  4. On your next delivery day, you secure that bag outside where your box normally gets delivered
  5. Your driver sees the bag and places your box inside
  6. You go live your best life and come back to non-frozen produce

Where can I purchase an insulated bag?

You can purchase this bag directly from us! Simply add it from our Add Ons section, just like you would other items. We will deliver that bag to you with your next harvest!

How can I ensure my driver uses the bag?

Our drivers know to look for a bag when delivering to your home! We suggest you secure it in some manner though, so that it doesn’t get blown away: tie it to a banister, weigh it down, etc. Our driver will then place the entire box inside your bag. Easy!

Can I use my own bag or cooler?

While we recommend using the bag we’ve tested, you can absolutely use your own! Just note that it must fit the entire box. We cannot have drivers removing items from boxes due to food safety regulations. We recommend double checking that your bag or cooler can fit anything with internal dimensions of 17” (Length) x 12” (Depth/Width) x 10” (Height). 

Can you deliver my harvest in the bag?

As a friendly reminder, we cannot take back bags or boxes for reuse due to food safety regulations. Your health and well-being is always our top priority! Want more info? Click here.

Your harvest’s quality matters, and we are doing everything we can to get your items to you in delicious condition. If you have any questions though, give us a shout (not literally, please). We are always happy to help :)

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