While we’d love to donate to everyone, we simply don’t have enough staff and time to field any more donation requests for this year. As we expand, that may change!

We have recently tweaked our model in fighting hunger to not just donate produce, but also subsidize it in low-income communities that lack access to fresh, affordable produce. You can visit the Produce in a SNAP site to learn more: https://www.produceinasnap.com/

As far as our donations go, we partner with a non-profit called Growing Soul to donate our surplus produce each week after our operations which is between 2,000 and 6,000 pounds. Growing Soul coordinates with their partners including the MD Food Bank, DC Central Kitchen, Nourish Now, Lighthouse, Rainbow Development Center, and Manna Food Center to come pick up the produce. 

The newest aspect to our strategy in fighting hunger is called Produce in a SNAP, a partnership we have with Baltimore City Public and Charter Schools in food deserts where we subsidize produce to their families and the community.  

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